Our objective is to build for each of our clients a diversified portfolio of good quality companies which will be long term holdings (and mostly offshore) to match their personal objectives and risk tolerance.


How do you do it?

We use our broad and in-depth experience to search out individual undervalued shares from all over the world.  We do not put our clients' money into products which pay us commissions and we are remunerated solely by the fees our clients pay us.  This means that our aims are aligned with those of our clients, and our advice is completely objective.  We are very firmly focused on delivering top quality client service and good financial performance.

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How good is Strongbox Wealth Management likely to be at growing your wealth

money_images.jpeg Our disciplined approach to investment is value focused, so there are a number of specific criteria we take into consideration when screening all potential opportunities.

Because each client's portfolio is individually constructed, there is no uniform data that we can post as every portfolio will perform differently. 

Nonetheless, it is important that we give you some indication of our level of skill and ability in the investment area, which can  act as a guide to the level of return we hope to achieve.
So,we decided to set up a model portfolio of NZ$1m, of which we would invest 50% in bonds and 50% in overseas equities. Currently we only invest in equities having sold the bond portfolio in 2016.

We track the performance of this portfolio each month and report on it in our newsletter.

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  Change in Model Portfolio since start. Currently up 133%


"Live as if you were going to die tomorrow: invest as if you were going to live forever"

Partner Profiles

Joan Kiernan p_3.jpg

Joan holds a Graduate Diploma in Business Studies - Personal Financial Planning - from Massey University, and an MBA from Cranfield Business School. Joan is an AFA.

Partner Profiles

Monica Mulholland p_3.jpg

Monica is a holder of the Securities Industry Diploma issued by the London Stock Exchange.  Monica researches global equities.