Our Business

We focus on picking quality overseas companies which are capabale of forming long term (lock away and forget!) holdings; but, which are temorarily out of favour with the market. We do all our own research and pick the individual stocks ourselves. We know these companies in great depth.


Our Fees

We charge a minimum fee of NZ$ 3,750 + GST each year or 1.5% of the portfolio - whichever is the greater. This fee includes the third party custodian charges.

In addition we take 15% of any profit over an agreed amount. This amount is usually the Kiwi Bank 1 year deposit rate for sums over NZ$50,000. So, suppose the Kiwi Bank rate is  yielding 3% at the start of  the year. If the portfolio rises by 8%, then we will take a fee of 15% of the profit after fees and allowing for the benchmark rate (=8%-3% -1.5%), i.e.  15% of 3.5% which is 0.525%. So for that portfolio our total fee will be 2.025%. We apply a high water mark test before we take this profit share. That is to say, that the value of the portfolio must have increased above its previous annual high before we are entitled to our share of the increase. This approach is probably unique in New Zealand.

These fees will be agreed with the client in writing before we start to invest.

We do not get any payments other than those that are paid to us by our clients. Our interests are therefore in line with those of our clients.

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