Our Philosophy

Our basic investment philosophy is that everybody is different and hence everybody needs a different investment portfolio. Our job is to understand how you are different and to construct a tailor made portfolio of assets for you which are
  •  held in your name
  • consistent with your risk tolerance and time frame
  • chosen because they are best ones for you and not because we are getting paid a commission to recommend them
  • capable of giving you a sensible return without undue risk
  • of a high enough quality that we would be happy to invest in them ourselves

Who should use us?

  • Family trusts and charitable organizations who need professional input
  • Trustees who do not have the necessary investment experience themselves
  • Anybody managing their own retirement portfolio.
  • Anybody who has sold a business or large asset such as a farm.
  • Anybody who would like a discrete part of their portfolio managed externally, perhaps in an area that the lack the expertise to do themselves.
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