Our Portfolio

Our Model Portfolio started life on 31st March 2009.

The reason behind the portfolio was to give investors a feel for how we would invest a lump sum and to give them some indication of what level of return we can achieve.

The initial amount to be invested was NZ$ 1m. This was split 50:50 between bonds and equities. To keep it honest, there is only one buying/selling time each month - and assets must be bought or sold at the closing price at the end of the month.

In 2016 we gradually moved to a 100% equity portfolio.

We will report, both here and in the Newsletter, on how the invested funds are doing and what have been the top performers in the portfolio.

See side bar "Performance by stock/bond" to download a spreadsheet which shows the performance of the individual components of the model portfolio since its inception.

April 2018 Report

At the end of April 2018, our Model Portfolio stood at NZ$2.175m, a little below the all time record of NZ$2.263m. We recently sold some long term holdings as we felt that the fundamentals of these stocks did not warrant the high valuations. While the markets are high, we do not envisage any major sell-offs; nonetheless, we will remain vigilant to ensure that we do not delay in taking profits when stocks run ahead of their valuations. We will most likely buy one of two stocks during the next quarter just to keep cash busy in the market rather than sitting on the sidelines earning very little.


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